Vocational high school of the hometown

In training, it is necessary to take the right steps with the right vision. The main Decimation of the Turkish Industry today is the technical and intermediate staff deficit. For this reason, entrepreneurs who are committed to education and national education should be in cooperation with education.

The future of Turkey is being raised by the younger generations armed with education and knowledge. Our society needs university graduates and vocational high school graduates very much. This is also the case in more developed countries. However, the interest of young people in vocational high schools in Turkey is very insufficient. This is due to the fact that it is believed that the opportunities for finding a job are more for college graduates. However, industrial enterprises based on production complain about not being able to find Dec staff. A Decoy who knows his job very well is also as valuable as a college graduate.

It is very important that young people are directed to vocational education. Dec October high school students can become intermediate employees or technicians with technical knowledge and skills, and if they want, they can continue their higher education in their field with additional points received from the vocational high school from which they graduated.

Vocational high school students who learn business life related to their profession and can get a salary by doing an internship can become a professional by specializing in their preferred branch during the 4-year education process.

Vocational and technical high schools and qualified labor force to be trained are provided to the economy, and we industrialists also have very important tasks related to the development of these students.