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Handbook of KDÇ Policies

Handbook of KDE Policies

1- Purpose
Human Resources Policy, The most valuable resource that elevates our company to a respected and effective position among the leading and exemplary organizations in the world steel Dec is the highly qualified manpower that is wholeheartedly committed to its company. Human Rights Policy, Our company shows sensitivity about implementation in accordance with basic principles such as human rights, labor rights and social justice.
Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Policy, Adherence to ethical principles in all our business processes and relationships, transparency, zero tolerance for bribery and corruption are our priority values.

2- Scope
The policies in this manual, Kaptan Demir Çelik Endüstrisi ve Ticaret A.Ş. it covers their company.

3- Responsibility
The Integrated Systems Management Representative is responsible for the preparation, revision, modification and publication of this manual, and the Executive Committee Member is responsible for approving it in terms of competence before publication.

4- Related Documents

5- Definitions

6- Application

6.1 Human Resources Policy
As a global company that continues to increase its leading position and capacity in the Turkish industry, meets the expectations of its stakeholders, values its employees, is open to change, is a leader in its region, uses its resources efficiently, draws strength from the creativity of its employees, is a customer-oriented company on the way to use human resources efficiently. Our company are executed in an effective and efficient manner to ensure that the work of Human Resource Planning, selection, recruitment, commissioning of the unit, service, development, determining training needs for meeting making plans, implementation, identification of competencies, performance management, career planning work to be performed in accordance with the scientific methods is the goal of our human resources policy. Providing the right person for the right job, the right person for the right business policy at all levels, constantly improving its organizational structure, which can adapt quickly to changes and development, to bring all our employees to a common consciousness and responsibility.

6.2 Human Rights Policy
It is sensitive to implement the requirements of international conventions to which our country is a party, such as the International Labor Organization and the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, in accordance with basic principles such as human rights, labor rights and social justice. Equality of opportunity is committed to combating discrimination and disadvantages, harassment and threats. For employees and managers, and prohibits any discrimination between them or about them all the assessments, gender, mental disability, pregnancy, motherhood, age, race, religion, language, sect, belief, regardless of social class or cultural differences it makes. Human resources management encourages employees to participate and be creative in business processes through transparent communication channels that employees use to receive suggestions and thoughts. It supports the personal and professional development of our employees in such a way as to increase their motivation and corporate belonging through constant feedback and training. Actions that contradict the moral and ethical values of our company, such as dishonorable rhetoric and actions aimed at tarnishing individuals, corporate organizations, unfounded denunciations, false statements, attacks on their legal rights and/or dignity, criminal behavior that has no concrete basis, are treated as disciplinary offenses. Our company would not allow slavery or human trafficking rhetoric or actions that supports processes in all of their employee welfare, fair treatment, recruitment, training, promotion, job descriptions, freedom of association and is committed to providing equal opportunities in their compliance with labour legislation. Our employees are responsible for the assimilation and implementation of the stated principles within the framework of trust and honesty with their colleagues and other business relationships.

6.3 Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Policy
It has banned all unethical behavior and actions such as bribery and the like, which are legally crimes. We aim to ensure compliance with the highest ethical standards and anti-bribery laws that anyone connected to our business can apply. We have a zero-tolerance attitude towards all kinds of corrupt activities committed by our employees or stakeholders acting on behalf of the company, depending on honesty and transparency, which is one of our most basic priorities. Offering, requesting bribes, gifts, rewards, etc. within the framework of our company employees and all stakeholders with whom we have a business relationship. we undertake that providing advantages, irregular priorities or incentives with elements cannot be accepted depending on the ethical and ethical line that our company has. In the case of behavior that is outside the ethical and moral values of our company, which we have revealed with sensitivity; In cases where a detailed and thorough investigation is deemed necessary, in accordance with the disciplinary procedures of our company, dismissal and judicial processes will be initiated. The principles defined in this policy are due to our company's commitment to integrity and sustainable business. These principles and commitments demand that all decisions comply with the principles of integrity, transparency and accountability, and that a culture of compliance be adhered to with the awareness that bribery and corruption cannot be accepted in any way.