Our Integrated Management System Policy

Our Integrated Management System Policy

As Kaptan Recycling,

Quality, environment, occupational health and safety in the area of the aim of our integrated management system to meet the needs and expectations of all our stakeholders, society, the environment, and to fulfill our responsibilities to our employees, to continuously improve our service quality.

To achieve this goal;

• We will plan our work and activities in a customer-oriented manner and taking into account the benefit of all interested parties,

• We will provide the highest quality products and services using the latest technologies and systems with the principle of "Zero Error",

• We will use energy and natural resources efficiently by taking it as a duty to protect the environment and nature on behalf of future generations,

• We will fulfill the obligations of the Quality, Environmental, Occupational Health and Safety legislations,

• We will determine, understand the risks and opportunities in our activities that arise as a result of our interaction with our stakeholders, and we will decisively approach events to reduce risks,

• By raising awareness of our employees about Occupational Health and Safety through trainings, we will create a safe and healthy working environment to prevent occupational diseases and occupational accidents,

• We will constantly improve and improve our Integrated Management System performance,

we are committed.

It is our greatest duty to make our employees feel that they are working in a safe environment, respectful of people, Environmentally friendly, respectful of work.

Chairman of the Board of Directors